Why Instagram?


This is the most active and relevant for social network interaction. You can demonstrate your product without distractions.


In most cases it is much easier to find the necessary target audience on Instagram. About 60% of the audience – 20-29 years, are able to pay. The male audience in the hundreds thousands of people every month.


One customer / subscriber is more cheap than in any other targeting or advertising.

About us:

2008-2012 — Engaged in the promotion of the social network vk.com. While it was difficult to understand how it can be used, so arranged the project – Rooftop tours in the Saint-Petersburg, fully existed at the expense of my knowledge about promotion. The project is still alive. Total promoted during these 5 years about 100-150 projects of different sizes.

2012-2013 — Working at vk.com.

In 2014 I moved on promotion in Instagram. This project is considered more relevant in the future, so it is still crunking projects in Instagram.

2015-2016 — At the same time engaged in the creation of presentable and neat sites.

instagram, crunking, раскрутка, пиар, подписчики

Some facts:

Thousands followers up
Projects accepted
Satisfied customers

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